We are very proud of our team!

We have had visiting Lifeguards from all over the world, from more than 15 countries! Together, we are a family and support each other.

Our heart beats on our 24/7 Lifeguard station in Limantziki in Lesvos. Here we are always ready to help. We train together, we laugh together, we cry together, but most of all we are together. We are there for the people reaching our beach and we treat everyone with respect.

We have fun days and we have very hard days. We have days we save lives and we have days when we clean beaches. We are all volunteers with a strong will to make this world a better place!

If you are a trained Lifeguard and you can commit to 3 weeks or more, we will be happy to hear from you! We can offer you room and board and a lifetime experience!

Please Contact  to info@savelife.gr and we will contact you very soon!


Photo credit: Pelagia Karanikola