We are Lifeguard Hellas Save & Rescue Team

We are a volunteer team of trained Lifeguards, operating since November 2015 on Limantziki Beach in northern Lesvos.

We are proud of our team, but also deeply thankful to all of you, people we may or may not know who with their phone calls and messages, support us, provide us help, solutions and equipment. We have had visiting Lifeguards from 15 different countries and are happy that you have embraced our initiative from all over the world, from England and all the way to America and from Holland and all the way to Australia!

We derive our strength from every single one of you, and every hour that passes we realise how extremely important it is to not forget our humanity …. Whoever has seen even just one of these babies that did not make it in this journey, can understand.

Since November on our beach only we have helped more than 4.500 people come in safely and disembark. We are always here. We have been through nights when the sea was eating up the shores, when the wind took away our tent, when no human being should be exposed to the elements, but still boats were coming. We were there. We want to always be there.

Thanks to kind donors from around the world, we now have top class equipment to support our efforts: we have 2 jet skis, a rescue boat and 3 specialized CentiFloats, that allow us to keep hundreds of people afloat until we can rescue all of them.

Operating and maintaining the boats and jet skis is very expensive but crucial to our ability to perform effective rescues. Running and living costs have been mostly self financed but with the help of kind donors we have now managed to stay on a total of 3 months. We are reaching out to you and asking you to please help us stay longer

Our Team will stay for as long as it takes, offering their life saving services voluntarily. We need your help to make that happen! Please donate to our cause. Any amount is important, every little will help us stay longer.

Thank you for supporting us!