Everyday the news about how the smugglers try to transfer ppl from Turkey to EU are even more weird…Now, they are using sailing boats and they try to send the ppl straight to Italy with much higher price ticket sometimew up to 4-5.000euros per adult. Our team is following the new routes for new team station but we are also still active in Lesvos island. Up north at skala sikamias from 9th of March new members will join our spotting team and same time our new season’s swimming lessons for kara tepe kids are organized.
We URGENT need volunteers for the shifts in skala sikamias as watchers, we have availability for 2-3 more volunteers. House is paid,1 4×4 car is also available but we all share the daily costs, fuels, breakfast at home, electricity and water bill and this is an amount of 15e per day. Our house is only 30m from skala sikamia’s harbour and main square.
Thank you @Pia