Almost 16 months in the island of Lesvos. Our team daily is trying to offer the best and we cooperate with so many different volunteers from all over the world. Boat arrivals are close to zero the many last days. As the weather will be better at spring we all expect an increase but noone knows and noone can predict.
Our team on Monday will say “goodbye” to the dedicate volunteers of the last weeks and from firts days of March the new team arrives. Night watching is always a big need, it is a demanding position that can save lives during the night arrivals. But in the same time, our team wants to return with the rescue boat as rescue team and in 2 months from now, the Swimming lessons at Kara Tepe camp will start again for the summer.
So from this Sunday we will make some important adjustments to our shifts, crew, priorities. We have many volunteer requests but we need some volunteers for LONG TERM commitment so they can be in charge either north or south as coordinators. If you want to travel to Lesvos and you are interested in engaging in some kind of volunteer program for long term volunteering,you are certified first aid provider or lifeguard and you have the skills to coordinate the team needs, we are looking for you! Air tickets from Athens to lesvos will be paid by us, also your accomodation. For this position we need at least 2 months commitment. or send a message inbox, with a photo, personal details and if you have already volunteer in a similar position.
Spring is time for changes – so change your life!!!