In the Europe of 2017 ppl are still fleeing from their countries and put themselves and their kids in danger. While you sleep safe in your bed, there are still people who are crossing the #Aegean sea into plastic #dingies, while temperature is close to 0 degrees and heavy rainstorms make them travel wet and freezing.Dirty road that connect Skala Sikamias with Eftalou is like a river, both boat landings today were transfered to safe zones with all the volunteers go beyond themselves and help for hours moving kids in their arms and walking for kilmetres so they can search the area and find all the arrivals. 2 boats, 59 + 63 ppl, all safe. Thank you all for today’s teamwork, special to our lifeguard hellas members that they are asleep for more than 12 hours. #refugeesGR #Safepassage