Description from our team members that last night between heavy rainstorms, strong winds and lightings spot a refugee boat
“Our night shift (Adam & Jennett) 00.00/04.00 reported at 02:30 having heard a noise possibly stemming from a boat engine. Apparently there were two lights as well. Our crew was not sure and did not want to send out a possible false alarm. That’s why they informed the in comming team (Pieter & Elisabeth) phone asking for advise. They immediately decided to go out to have a close look. Speeded to the Yogy viewpoint to hear a full report and then went further to the north west to investigate. They found a party of eight, consisting of two children 3 and, 7 yes of age, two women and four men.Weather conditions were heavy rainstorms and lighting. People were scared. All where in not too bad condition. The two teams members had poor radio coverage and no phone coverage because of the specific area. The spitting team was informed over radio and the relayed the message in the WhatsApp Lifeguard Hellas group. Meanwhile the new arrivals were taking care of, starting with the kids providing them warm shield with rescue blankets, feeding them with our cookies and water. By the time other teams arrived, men and women had the same treatment. The chef d’√©quipe who was the only (poor) English speaking person could not tell us whether we could expect more boats to come this morning. Time passing by he lost his memories and could not remember the most simple but significant details. Upon arrival of the UNHCR representative we had to seek permission to move our guests. At stage two, we gave them dry cloths hot tea and a stretcher with sleeping backs. They all fell asleep soon after. At eight o’clock the two Lifeguard Hellas team members returned to their station thanking the other members who took over their spotting shift at Yogy.”
Thanks to great teamwork everything was under control and ppl received care immediately.You are all amazing and so dedicated!