We are honored to be in the short listed individuals in the International Maritime Rescue Federation – IMRF ‘s short list for the H.E.R.O. awards with the nominee of our founder Bikof Mania-Maria and our team of lifeguards from Lifeguard Hellas, that we left our homes, families and work to live in a tent on the beach in north Lesbos, Greece, till May, after that to Kara Tepe with our swimming lessons and now back north to skala sikamias. Today is a celebration day for our team,not only about the possibility of getting this award but mostly because today is our 366 day in lesvos. 1 year full of rescues, dedication, selflessness, courage, moments, faces, tears, smiles, waves, cold, teamwork, pain, joy, experiences, memories, friendships, agony, tiredness, day and night shifts and so many other words that can describe our first 12 months in the island of lesvos.
We cross our fingers and we are proud!
Good luck Mania, good luck Lifeguard Hellas Save & Rescue team!!