Our founder,lifeguard, rescuer, international lifeguard instructor, great athlete and mother of 4, Bikof Mania-Maria, is nominated for the H.E.R.O. Awards by International Maritime Rescue Federation – IMRF.
We are honoured and proud, because we are a small volunteer team, with no employees ,with no big NGO’s to pay for our costs or keep us active, without any goverment support and we are here in Lesvos, since 7/11/2015, always on the field, helping anywhere we need, with our lifeguards, equipment, first aid knowledge.
It is already like our team is awarded…a team without payed professional photographers or journalist to follow daily, only with the great will to help and rescue.
We have to say a huge THANK YOU to all the 108+ lifeguards from Greece and all over the world International Surf Lifesaving Association, Lifeguards Without Borders, Bethells Beach SLSP Project Lifeguard Hellas that you were and still are part of something so much bigger than ourselves as our lifeguard and friend Ben Challis well said. Also to Michael Räber and Swisscross.help because without their support this journey was never made to keep so long.
We have to congrats our member, Mania, because with her actions, her profile and her dedication, she managed to be one of the few nominated individuals and we cross our fingers for the best.
We are lifeguards – We save lives
We are Heroes for the people that need our help and knowledges

(our team has already a new station north of Lesvos – applications for volunteers are open – boats are still coming – weather is getting worse – our team will continue her services north of Lesvos as long as financial we can stay www.savelife/donate)